I believe in the individuality
of each of our communities

West Melbourne
Palm Bay
Melbourne Beach

I look forward to serving
the diverse needs of
each District 3 resident.

Unique Strengths

I am in a unique position as a candidate, having grown up and worked in Brevard County. Through this time and these experiences, I have developed a familiarity with the entire county, not just District 3. My personal and professional connections stretch from Mims to Micco. Through my years as a practicing mediator, I have honed my ability to communicate effectively under pressure and navigate difficult situations. I have also developed the skill to perceive issues from multiple perspectives. Medicare and Social Security, being among the most bureaucratically complex agencies in the country, are familiar terrain for me. If I can guide my clients through those intricacies, I am confident that I can do the same for the residents of Brevard.

Things to Consider

The needs of District 3 residents are diverse and complex. Our unique beaches must be protected for the sake of both turtles and tourism. It is vital to foster business development in appropriate locations to increase job opportunities without infringing on the agricultural way of life or compromising the rural charm of our communities. Keeping these priorities in mind, we must also ensure that all new growth positively impacts Brevard County.

Brevard Beaches
Brevard county Fire department

Across the County, our first responders are the backbone of the safety and security of our citizens. We must work closely with these groups to ensure they are well taken care of and that we do not risk critical shortages of qualified personnel into the future.

Further, improving the working relationship between the Board of County Commissioners and the governing bodies of our towns and cities is paramount. This will enable us to create a more unified and effective county-wide governance strategy.

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